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Neurotribes Holdings Limited has a track record of working with creative entrepreneurs and turning their great ideas into financial success stories.

About Neurotribes

Neurotribes Holdings Limited was founded by Mark Quinn-Newall as his investment and philanthropic vehicle.

Mark invests in and works with founders and executives of early stage start-ups to help them fulfil their potential and create scaleable businesses.

Through Neurotribes, Mark supports a range of charities and focuses his philanthropy on causes related to autism advocacy, neurodiversity awareness, and research.

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Diverse Investment Thinking

Approach & Values

With our focus around ecommerce ‘Pure Play’, our active investing model has previously worked with founders and mentors senior leadership in early stage start-ups to develop scalable, intelligent business models, with a strong belief in creating value for all stakeholders across a company.

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Statement on Neurodiversity


Neurodiversity inclusion benefits your organisation – EMBRACE EVERYONE

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible” – Francis of Assisi

We need to learn to accept and in fact celebrate our differences, Austism is uniqueness and that difference personified.

“Autism means I miss what others catch, and I catch what others miss – I do not suffer from autism, but I do suffer from the way you treat me” – Unknown

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William SusmanSteve KirkJessica DelucaMatthew CowanJon Bovard

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Jessica DeLuca is a Director at Cult Beauty

“To see my original vision for Cult Beauty come to life as a global business that drives integrity, innovation and transparency in the beauty industry has been a dream come true. Cult Beauty’s returns demonstrate the enormous and largely untapped opportunity to invest in sustainable, women-fronted businesses. I will forever be grateful for Mark Quinn-Newall (co-founder of Net-A-Porter) and his ASD-driven brilliance.”

Jessica DeLuca, Cult Beauty Founder
William Susman

Mark may be the shear smartest person I’ve ever worked with.   Cult Beauty is complex, ever-changing in a digital world, and highly analytical.   Mark’s ability to process information and use it for the benefit of the company was incredible.   He worked very closely with the management team to ensure the future of the business was very well position and protected, in a completely collaborative manner.    A rare find, Mark was innately curious.  Always eager to learn and strive for excellence.   His mantra of “whatever you know is never enough” was very humbling and encouraging at the same time.

Billy Susman, Threadstone Capital
Steve Kirk - CEO

Mark was generous with his time, and his experience, and his trust.  It took me a while to be qualified for the role he had asked me to do, but he trusted that we would get there together, and trusted that I would seek his advice when I needed to, which resulted in a highly satisfying project.

Mark is a very engaging communicator but I also found him a very acute listener.  We did not always agree, but he made himself available to listen, and to understand and ultimately trust me in a challenging environment.  On a personal level I admire his sense of honour and integrity, insight, wide ranging knowledge, and above all his insightful sense of humour.

Steve Kirk, Former co-CEO Cult Beauty


Neurotribes founder Mark Quinn-Newall is working to significantly expand his philanthropic endeavours, with a particular focus across five key areas where he believes he can make impact. Visit his personal site to find out more.

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Based in UK, Europe and Oceania we work with our international partners in global markets.

Mark Quinn-Newall

Mark Quinn-Newall


Mark Miller

Mark Miller

Principal Advisor