Cult Beauty appoint Net-a-Porter co-founder Mark Quinn-Newall as non-executive Chairman.

Mark Quinn-Newall

Mark Quinn-Newall

Cult Beauty Investor and board member since 2012, Mark Quinn-Newall (co-founder Net-a-Porter) has been appointed non-executive Chairman of Cult Beauty.

In addition to his Chairmanship, Quinn-Newall is consulting to the company to provide Mentoring to the SLTs and C-Suite. Quinn-Newall commented he believed the company can be suitably positioned for significant and sustained growth in the coming years, and is a leader in the online beauty space – “We have some fantastic people leading our buying, IT and marketing and our understanding of DDP is unmatched”.


Quinn-Newall vacated the Chairman seat in 2018, having set in motion the largest triple digit growth period of the company over those four years.

He later returned to the board as a Non-Executive Director in October 2020, where is was also immediately appointed Chairman of the Remuneration Committee, Chairman of the Exit Committee and Chairman of the Governance Committee. [Read More]

These committees comprised four non-executive directors – Mark Quinn-Newall (Chairman), Jessica DeLuca (Cult Beauty Co-Founder), Carmen Busquets (Investor), and Mark Miller (Deputy Chairman and Neurotribes Principal Advisor).