What they are saying

“I first worked with Mark Quinn-Newall in the late 1990s when he was a founder of net-a-porter and I was a solicitor, then partner at Olswang LLP. I worked with Mark whilst I represented Net-a-Porter on both corporate and commercial matters acting on a number of investment rounds. Following my move to Clyde & Co and subsequently Payne Hicks Beach I was instructed by Mark on a number of personal investments that he made in start up companies most notably Cult Beauty Limited.

Together we helped navigate the exit of that company to THG plc in 2021. I think it is fair to say both companies saw a significant number of employees receive life changing amounts of money on exit.

I have always been impressed by Mark’s grasp of detail and ability to understand the key metrics and drivers of any business with which he is involved. Like all clients he expects the best from those around him but has always been keen to ensure the employees of the companies in which he has been involved have been properly rewarded for their efforts.

I have throughout my time working with him found him both generous of spirit and enjoyable company. There are not many clients that become “lifetime clients” and I’m pleased to say that Mark is one of those who is.”

Matthew Cowan, Partner BRACHER RAWLINS LLP